Unfortunately last week we had to reschedule our social night out for several reasons, apologies to everyone that wanted to go. I have included here a message from the committee about why that was:

Hi guys, it’s come to our attention that it will be difficult to orchestrate a social event on this Thursday due to the occurance of Viking Raid and other events. Our own president isn’t available to attend, and many people have messaged us about how they don’t wish to miss out on the first opportunity to get to know fellow society members due to other paid events. We want our first social to also be the most accessible and hence will be rearranging, and we will keep everyone posted on some of the exciting events that are to come!

Now for the good news. Fortunately we were able to reschedule and now we have our first social night out this Thursday (7/10/17)! We will be meeting up at the Glasshouse at 9 o’clock then heading on ye ol’ 66 bus for a night out that you won’t forget (circumstances pending, know your limits kids!).

Don’t miss your chance to watch our committee members embarrass themselves at Gibsons then Flares, before finally making a complete fool of themselves as we end the night at Fibbers. This should be a good chance to get to meet other maths students so be sure to save the date!